My comments to the Cochrane review on exercise therapy for CFS

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Problems with the amended version (Version published: 02 October 2019) part I.

I appreciate the efforts made by Cochrane and the authors to correct some of the errors in the previous version of this review. There are however some major problems that remain and significantly impact the results and conclusion. I hope to clarify these in my comments below.I have divided these into two submissions because the text is rather long.All my comments concern the main comparison of graded exercise therapy (GET) versus a passive control condition (treatment as usual or relaxation/flexibility therapy).This is part I.

1) ‘Long-term’ follow-up results downplayed

The review highlights assessments made directly after treatment ended and downplays assessments made several months later even though the latter formed the primary outcome for the trials that provide most of the data.

The authors’ conclusions in the abstract for example states: “Exercise therapy probably has a positive effect…

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Chronic fatigue syndrome classified under Neurological disorder in SNOMED CT International Edition

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SNOMED CT is a standardized electronic terminology system for recording and sharing symptoms, diagnoses, clinical findings, procedures etc. in primary and secondary care and across other health care settings.

Since April 2018, SNOMED CT UK Edition has been the mandatory terminology system for use in NHS primary care, replacing the Read Code (CTV3) terminology which is now retired. SNOMED CT UK Edition is scheduled for adoption across all NHS clinical settings by 2020.

In SNOMED CT terminology system, disease and disorder terms are not arranged in chapters, as they are in ICD-10 and ICD-11. Instead, terms are arranged within a hierarchical relationship of parent and children concepts (or supertypes and subtypes).

The SNOMED CT Concept term for Chronic fatigue syndrome is SCTID 52702003 Chronic fatigue syndrome (disorder). Benign myalgic encephalomyelitis; and Myalgic encephalomyelitis are included as Synonym terms.

Chronic fatigue syndrome has historically been located…

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